Olympic Quest / Lone Star Pole Vaulting

The Lone Star PR Vault Results
December 9, 2017

Thank you for your Support,
from Kris Allison and Lone Star Pole Vaulting!

Youth (18 and younger)
Riley Floerkr3.73
Ryleigh Redding3.58
Isabella Coscetti3.58
Olivia Buntin3.43
Sky Hall3.28
Joey Zimmerman3.28
Kaitlyn Kvinta2.98
Meghan Lynch2.83
Kassi Wilson2.83
Ashley Niemeyer2.68
Open (19-29)
Claire Woodson3.43
Emily Davila 3.28
Mckenna Moses 3.28
Kimberly Ortolon 3.28
Zara Amaechi3.13
Masters (Over 30)
Kristy Harris 2.83
Youth (18 and younger)
Logan Fraley 4.63
Rylan May-olguin 4.48
Kyler Friebele 4.48
Phillip Caseres 4.48
Collin Jumes 4.18
William Anderson 3.73
Anthony Meacham 3.58
Tristan Yates 3.43
Mason Combs 3.28
David Jumes2.83
Snert Tang2.68
Open (19-29)
Wiley Saavedra4.63
Masters (Over 30)
Larry Bonnett2.83