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Lone Star Pole Vaulting Newsletter, May 31, 2017

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"Don't be upset with the results you didn't get with the work you didn't do."

Summer Pole Vaulting - Many of you new to pole vaulting may not know this, but track and field is not just a spring sport at school that ends with a district meet until next year.  There are opportunities to train and compete year-round, and if you truly love to pole vault and want to improve your personal best and move up higher on the podium next spring, summertime is the time to start breaking those bad habits, get stronger and faster, and have some fun jumping!  We will offer group practices here in New Braunfels 6 days per week, and in San Antonio at St. Mary's Hall 1 night per week.  During our non-group hours, we are available for private lessons.  Coach Kyle Ellis is also going to start a weekday daily training group in New Braunfels that will not only do their actual pole vaulting, but will also incorporate running, strength work, and drills that every vaulter needs to do but doesn't have the time to do during our vault sessions.    More info to come on that.  Finally, for anyone wanting to have some fun, gain competition experience, and test their training, there are pole vaulting competitions and full-on track meets offered throughout the summer that we will be attending. 

Group Practice Schedule:  Beginning June 1st until August 19th


Please remember to schedule ALL practices online AT LEAST 1 DAY IN ADVANCE. https://instant-scheduling.com/sch.php?kn=570316   We require this so that there are no more than 7 people on the runway at once to ensure quality practice.  Be sure to request a password and log in to the Online Scheduler, as that is the only way you are able to view upcoming appointments, reschedule, or cancel online.  If you are unable to do so online in time, occasional scheduling, cancellations or rescheduling via text message to me is ok: 830-263-2526.  Please do not No-Show to practice as you will be charged for that practice whether you attend or not.

Competitions:  Competing is fun, and the more you do it the better you get at it.  Unlike the school meets during the spring, we are able to and do attend these meets and transport and provide all poles and equipment for you.  All you have to do is: 1) Tell us which meets you're going to and which poles you need by writing your name, the meet name, and pole numbers on the white board at practice or email or text me. 2) Get yourself entered/registered for any meets you're attending by following the instructions online for each event  3) Show up an hour to an hour and a half prior to scheduled start time to allow for check-in and warm-up time.  4) Pay the "Coaching Fee" for each event at practice prior to the event or at the event itself.  You can register under "Lone Star Pole Vault" or "Unattached," whichever you prefer.  If you want to wear our uniform, we encourage it but don't require it.  If you'd like to purchase a uniform top (they're black and white singlets with white text), we don't have many in stock but email me your size and I'll order one for you.  Our cost is $40 which you can pay when you receive it.  

Upcoming MeetsRemember, you are responsible for registering/entering each competition and obtaining any memberships required for each by the deadline.  Also be sure to inform us your intent to go so we know to bring poles for you, and pay the applicable coaching fees.

Rates & Services:

To take advantage of any of the services we offer, we require:

  1. An Athlete Information Sheet completed and on file.
  2. A Waiver of Liability form completed and on file.
  3. *A current membership with USA Track and Field (USATF) submitted and on file.  To obtain a membership, go to www.usatf.org/membership and sign up under Lone Star PV, LLC in the South Texas Association, then forward your confirmation email to me.  Memberships cost $20/year for youth and $30/year for adults.  This is not optional as my insurance company requires it.  USATF memberships operate on a calendar year basis and expire on December 31st, so they must be renewed in January.  *Only required for participation in group/club practices.

Group or "Club" Practice: The backbone of our organization and its best value, club members join by the month and practice between 1-6 times per week.  All practices are instructed and supervised by myself with occasional assistance from other qualified coaches.  Ongoing development of goal-oriented pole vaulting skills and fitness are at the core of this service.  Participation in competitions within as well as outside of scholastic track and field is encouraged and expected.  Members may be of any age, gender, or ability-level, therefore all group practices are heterogeneously mixed.   Group Practices must be scheduled via our Online Scheduler: https://instant-scheduling.com/sch.php?kn=570316

Private Lessons: We do offer private and semi-private (shared with another vaulter) lessons on request.  We charge $80/hour and offer 1, 1.5, and 2 hour lessons.  Beginner and youth vaulters generally only benefit from a 1-hour lesson, while 1.5-2 hours is sufficient for more experienced vaulters or multiple athletes.  Private Lessons can be requested and must be confirmed via our Online Scheduler: https://instant-scheduling.com/sch.php?kn=570316

Open Gym: Open Gym is access to the gym to train on your own during times when there is no group practice or private lessons taking place.  You may use any of the equipment in the gym, but we have a few rules: 1) If you're under 18 years of age you MUST have a parent or guardian present.  2) You MUST have a signed waiver of liability on file including your health insurance information.  3) You MUST have a current USATF membership on file with us.  4) By scheduling, you agree to pay for or replace any equipment that is damaged or broken during your workout.  Like all services we offer, you MUST schedule Open Gym time online: https://instant-scheduling.com/sch.php?kn=570316

Facebook: I don't often get time to write up and send out these newsletters, so most info is passed via word of mouth at practice.  We DO have a Facebook Group called Lone Star Pole Vaulters where I try to post up to date information periodically.  Please look us up and send me a request to be added to the group and I'll put you on so you can keep up to date with what's going on in our pole vault world.

Thanks for reading and please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.


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